When A Local, Independent Bookstore Dies………….

…..that booksigning you were going to have one day at your “home” when your book was finally going to be published is now not going to happen.

…..that great friend or SO you were going to meet there you now won’t.

…..you lose a fun, save haven for children.

…..that important fact or truth you were going to learn from the special guest, there shilling his or her book, you now are not going to learn.

……that great book you accidently found while searching for something else you will now never read.

…..you lose another place where the owners remember your name.

……you again are reminded that habits change and they don’t change back.

…..you lose another place where your worldview is affirmed.

……life becomes a little bit less filled with a sense of community.

Thanks, Todd and Bridget (the couple on the right), for fighting The Good Fight for so long!

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