A "Spider-Man 3" Review, In Less Than 200 Words

I can’t believe that as of this morning, “Spider-Man 3” only ranks a measly 62 percent on Rotten Tomatoes! That’s borderline (*SHUDDER*)”rotten!” WTF??

But, then again, after seeing the movie twice 🙂 yesterday, I think I get it.

“SM3” is a near-excellent film. (It is a little long, but as a true sequel to both the original and its sequel, it has a lot to wrap up, and does it real well.) But “SM2” was, well, pretty much PERFECT, so this film is permanently in its shadow. Also, the formula these films use are too well-established—too well-absorbed by fans (and perhaps critics).

And, like every other superhero movie that had the misfortune of coming out during and after 2005, the third is suffering in comparision to “Batman Begins.” Is the bar now too high? And, for all you comicbook geeks out there: Doesn’t it feel GREAT to finally ask that question about superhero movies??? LOL!

Anyway, “SM4”—and, of course, no one has any doubt about that, right?  🙂 —will have to go in a whole different direction, with a different tone, plot construction, etc.

Onward to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

P.S. Thought this series was quite amusing.

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