"Enough" Of Juan Williams

Juan Williams just said on “FOX News Sunday” that Black America has not had any real campaigns against sexist and mysognistic lyrics. So I yelled at the Tee Vee.

Nothing could be further from the truth. (Has Williams ever gone to a Sharpton speech during the last seven years? Sharpton correctly said on the show that many of their actions against bad hiphop aren’t covered.) But I guess those generalizations allow Williams to continue to be rewarded for his half-truths and half-analysis. 

Williams loves to characterize Jackson and Sharpton as de-facto racial hustlers, but his hustle never changes. He thinks they’re self-appointed. Williams is appointed by White Talking Heads who think that Clarence Page’s dominant miliancy on the Sunday morning talkers needs checking. 🙂

ADDENDUM: Three cheers for Roland S. Martin and his candor on “Reliable Sources.”

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