My Friend Malik Is Almost Always Right! Here's Proof: Worf Getting Dissed on "Star Trek: TNG"

Explaining the prevalence of white supremacy in Corporate America, my friend Malik Russell pointed this out to me more than 10 years ago, before youtube mashups—or even youtube—existed! LOL! 🙂 Thanks, Malik!


SEPTEMBER 13th UPDATE: Oh, no! It’s even worse than I thought! See below! LOL! 🙂


SEPTEMBER 10th UPDATE: Happy 46th birthday, “Star Trek!”

Powerful Words, But……

Clinton at his very best, explaining to any American with at least a 4th grade education how stupid and selfish the Republicans are (so that’s no longer even worth saying. :)) Michelle Obama explains why she is now, four years of privilege later, fully part of the team and down with the program, and why we should be, too.

Please call me Captain Obvious, but what’s sad is that the emotions these master speakers create do not add up to a true progressive vision.